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Dr. Jan Roskam • 304 pp • 2016

Roskam's Airplane War Stories, An Account of the Professional Life and Work of Dr. Jan Roskam, Airplane Designer and Teacher, represents an overview of Dr. Jan Roskam's life experiences as an airplane designer, a teacher and a sometimes pilot. The majority of these stories are based on actual events that happened in the design and development of aircraft programs, many of which (but not all) he was associated with.

Students have always enjoyed hearing Dr. Jan Roskam tell these great airplane stories that have not-so-great endings. By popular demand, Dr. Roskam has compiled these fascinating tales into the recently released book, "Roskam's Airplane War Stories".

These "war stories" became Dr. Roskam's professional autobiography. He has recorded these along with personal memories and observations from various aircraft programs: 24 which made it into flight and 12 that never got beyond the drawing board. He also had the opportunity to pilot 38 different types of airplanes • Many pictures of these airplanes are included at the end of each chapter.

During Jan Roskam's regular classes, as well as during his short courses, he illustrates the material with a large number of what he calls "war stories". Most of these stories directly involve certain airplanes.

 About the Author:

Dr. Jan Roskam has authored ten books on airplane flight dynamics and airplane design. He co-authored Airplane Aerodynamics and Performance with Dr. CT. Lan. He has written more than 160 papers on these topics and authored the popular Roskam's War Stories. He has actively participated in more than 36 major airplane programs. He retired as Ackers Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering at The University of Kansas (KU) in 2003, where he taught airplane design, stability and control. Dr. Roskam retired as President of DARcorporation (Design, Analysis and Research Corporation) in 2004. He currently serves as an active consultant for DARcorporation, which develops and markets airplane design and analysis software, and is a successful private and government consulting firm.

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Roskam's Airplane War Stories

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