CAD Models

This library of CAD models was created by DARcorporation aerospace engineers using the latest version of Siemens NX CAD.
Note: The current version of Siemens NX is not compatible with any previous version.

The CAD models include airplanes ($99 each), weapons ($49 each) and miscellaneous airplane related components ($19.95 each).

The models were created based on publicly available, open source data (not manufacturer's data) from sources like Jane's All the World's Aircraft, Roskam's Airplane Design Series and Modern Air-Launched Weapons, where available.

Disclaimer:  All models are based on publicly available data.  DARcorporation cannot guarantee the accuracy of these models due to limited information. CAD models are outer mold line only.  All Sales are Final.  We comply with United States export regulations and may limit availability of our models. 

The following file types are available:

  • .3ds

  • .dwg

  • .prt

  • .igs

  • .model (CATIA)

  • .x_t (parasolid)

  • .stp

  • .stl

Upon completion of purchase, these CAD models will be available immediately in the Downloads page under My Account in your OpenCart profile.

The CAD Model Library:

Airplanes ($99 each)

  • Business Jets

  • Commercial Airliners

  • Fighter Jets

  • GA Airplanes

  • Military Bombers

  • Military Transports

  • UAVs

Weapons ($49 each)

  • Air-to-Air Missiles

  • Air-to-Ground Missiles

  • Anti-Ship Missiles

  • Bombs

  • Guns

  • Gun Pods

  • Mission Pods

  • Unguided Rockets

Miscellaneous ($19.95 each)

  • Controls

  • Ejection Seats

  • Engines

  • External Fuel Tanks

  • Gimbal Sensors

  • Radar

  • Seats

  • Vehicles

  • Weapon Racks

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