CAD Models

This library of CAD models was created by DARcorporation aerospace engineers using Siemens NX CAD.

The CAD models include airplanes ($99 each), weapons ($49 each) and miscellaneous airplane related components ($19.95 each).

The models were created based on publicly available, open source data (not manufacturer's data) from sources like Jane's All the World's Aircraft, Roskam's Airplane Design Series and Modern Air-Launched Weapons, where available.

Disclaimer:  All models are based on publicly available data.  DARcorporation cannot guarantee the accuracy of these models due to limited information. 

The following file types are available:

  • .prt
  • .igs
  • .x_t (parasolid)
  • .stp
  • .stl

Upon completion of purchase, these CAD models will be available immediately in the Downloads page under My Account in your OpenCart profile.

The CAD Model Library:

Airplanes ($99 each)

  • Business Jets
  • Commercial Airliners
  • Fighter Jets
  • GA Airplanes
  • Military Bombers
  • Military Transports
  • UAVs

Weapons ($49 each)

  • Air-to-Air Missiles
  • Air-to-Ground Missiles
  • Anti-Ship Missiles
  • Bombs
  • Guns
  • Gun Pods
  • Mission Pods
  • Unguided Rockets

Miscellaneous ($19.95 each)

  • Controls
  • Ejection Seats
  • Engines
  • External Fuel Tanks
  • Gimbal Sensors
  • Radar
  • Seats
  • Vehicles
  • Weapon Racks

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