• Airplane Aerodynamics & Performance

Dr. C.T. Lan and Dr. Jan Roskam • Softcover • 547 pgs • Reprint: 2016

ISBN: 978-1-884885-44-0

Nearly all aerospace engineering curricula include a course on airplane aerodynamics and airplane performance as required material. This textbook delivers a comprehensive account of airplane aerodynamics and performance.

In this revised edition of Airplane Aerodynamics and Performance exhaustive coverage is provided for the atmosphere and basic aerodynamic principles and applications.

The practical aerodynamics and performance applications are stressed with new examples and illustrations. This widely used book has been updated with modern airplane and aerodynamic data.

Airplane Aerodynamics and Performance has been internationally acclaimed as a practical reference that covers the methodology and decision making involved in the process of analyzing airplane performance, and is currently used by educators and industry practitioners across the globe as both a textbook and a key reference. Reader confusion is minimized through a systematic progression of fundamentals:

  • Airfoil Theory

  • Wing Theory

  • Airplane Drag

  • Airplane Propulsion Systems

  • Propeller Theory

  • Climb Performance and Speed

  • Take-Off and Landing Performance

  • Range and Endurance

  • Maneuvers and Flight Envelope

Table of Contents

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About the Authors:

Dr. C. Edward Lan has authored two books on airplane aerodynamics and airplane performance. He is the author of more than 100 papers on these topics and the co-author of Airplane Aerodynamics and Performance. He retired as the Warren S. Bellows Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering at The University of Kansas, where he taught airplane aerodynamics and performance, computational fluid dynamics, helicopter aerodynamics, aero elasticity and advanced aerodynamics courses.

Dr. Jan Roskam has authored ten books on airplane flight dynamics and airplane design. He co-authored Airplane Aerodynamics and Performance with Dr. CT. Lan. He has written more than 160 papers on these topics and authored the popular Roskam's War Stories. He has actively participated in more than 36 major airplane programs. He retired as Ackers Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering at The University of Kansas (KU) in 2003, where he taught airplane design, stability and control. Dr. Roskam retired as President of DARcorporation (Design, Analysis and Research Corporation) in 2004. He currently serves as an active consultant for DARcorporation, which develops and markets airplane design and analysis software, and is a successful private and government consulting firm.

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Airplane Aerodynamics & Performance

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